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He’s baaaaaaaack.


First of all, a Blessing:   May God (or the deity of your choice) bless and keep 2020…  FAR. AWAY. FROM. US.

My apologies for having neglected the web site for nearly a year, but there really wasn’t much to post, musically speaking.   Thankfully, that’s starting to change.   Last weekend was my first live show since March of 2020, just before That Which Shall Not be Named hit the fan.    In Harmony’s Way played to a lovely audience in Oxford,  and will be returning twice more before the end of the year.   This assumes, of course, that the world doesn’t go back into lockdown mode. 

And… my PSA to this end…  PLEASE get your shot(s).    Yes, the shots have mild side effects.  No, they haven’t been around that long.  But every reputable medical source (which, by definition,  excludes bloggers, certain red-hat wearing politicians, and the shite-spewing talking heads of Fux News)  indicates that they’re effective.  Covid is still here.  People still do die from it.  And I know too many friends who have either perished from it, have family members who perished from it, or who have had it themselves and are suffering long-term effects from it.    And if it happens often enough again, no more music or other public gatherings.    (End of PSA)

So… where am I playing?

At this writing, I’m waiting for a tech support fix for my calendar section on this page- once up and running, it’ll have the latest updates regarding my solo, duo and band gigs.   In the meantime, check my Facebook music page
for gig updates – there are also a few video clips there from my online shows during the pandemic.

The first (and only scheduled) solo show, however, will be at Michigan By The Bottle in Royal Oak – this will take place on Friday, Sept. 25 at 7 pm.   I’ll be doing a selection of my own songs, mixed with some favorite covers.   I’d love to see you there!

The latest CD

My 5th CD (and my 1st in 14 years!), “Believer” is now available!   On it, you’ll find a mix of ballads, rockers, heartbreak, humor,  possible blasphemy… and yes, road kill.   What songs exactly are on it?  Glad you asked:

Track list:
1. Wolverine
2. Without & Within
3. C-3
4. The Next Best Thing
5. The Ballad of Touchdown Jesus
6. Carillon
7. How Can You Not Be Angry?
8. Breathe
9. In The Garden
10. On The Strip
11. Kiss Me Goodnight
12. You Don’t Get To Do That
13. Suicide Squirrel
14. A Quiet Man
15. Believer
16. Warm Arms

I haven’t had a chance yet to add the information and lyrics yet into the recordings section of my page, but it’s coming soon!

Where’s It Available?

Right now, it’s just available directly from me, either in person at a gig;  or by contacting me via e-mail at johnfinanmusic AT  (Yep, you’ll have to substitute the “AT” for a “@” – gotta thwart the spam bots, y’know.)   Sometime soon,  I’ll have it up on the streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc), but I plan to concentrate on physical CD sales for a bit.  (My previous CD “Land of the Living” is indeed on all the major streaming services!)