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Of COVID and Music….

Well, this year got off to a wonderful start.   A couple of lovely shows at the Raven Cafe in Port Huron,  a few gigs with In Harmony’s Way,  and a lovely coda to Crazy Wisdom’s Tea Room with Eastward Bound.

And then all hell broke loose.  Effing virus.

So.. that great big list of gigs that was in the calendar section from mid-March through December?  POOF.  Either cancelled or postponed.   Very frustrating… but also undeniably necessary.  At this writing,  Michigan (where I reside) is starting to slowly re-open for business,  but most performance venues are rightly being more cautious in doing so.

Open or not, the safety of my family, friends, and fans (and my own) is of utmost importance,  and it’s just not a great idea for me to spend time singing in public venues until the pandemic is somewhat more under control.   So I’ve made the decision to bow out of my remaining live shows for the year.    Most of what was scheduled was in smaller venues where social distancing is simply impossible.   This hurts, folks.   I miss my bandmates,  my regular venues, and of course all the wonderful folks for whom I’ve been able to play.

BUT WAIT… there’s more…

Like pretty much every other musician affected by COVID-related gig-poofing,  I’ve discovered the joys of technology!   For those who don’t know, I have a music page on Facebook.  And I’ve been making regular use of the “Live” function to do several shows from there.    Henceforth,  I’ll be including such shows in the calendar section, and more regular announcements from my Facebook music page.  (If I get really gonzo, I may try to include a clip or two from those performances right here.) 

BUT WAIT… there’s STILL more….

The other thing musicians do when they can’t play out is to record.  So… Studio BFE is back online.  At this writing, I’ve completed 9 new songs, as well as several instrumental pieces.  The latter may not see the light of day for a bit (as they don’t really fit stylistically with the vocal pieces), but may appear at some point in EP form or such.  As to the vocal pieces,  I’m tremendously excited –  there’s a mixture of newer and older (but previously un-recorded) songs, and I’m having great fun with the arrangements.  Stay tuned!

The latest CD

My 5th CD (and my 1st in 14 years!), “Believer” is now available!   On it, you’ll find a mix of ballads, rockers, heartbreak, humor,  possible blasphemy… and yes, road kill.   What songs exactly are on it?  Glad you asked:

Track list:
1. Wolverine
2. Without & Within
3. C-3
4. The Next Best Thing
5. The Ballad of Touchdown Jesus
6. Carillon
7. How Can You Not Be Angry?
8. Breathe
9. In The Garden
10. On The Strip
11. Kiss Me Goodnight
12. You Don’t Get To Do That
13. Suicide Squirrel
14. A Quiet Man
15. Believer
16. Warm Arms

I haven’t had a chance yet to add the information and lyrics yet into the recordings section of my page, but it’s coming soon!


Where’s It Available?

Right now, it’s just available directly from me, either in person at a gig;  or by contacting me via e-mail at johnfinanmusic AT  (Yep, you’ll have to substitute the “AT” for a “@” – gotta thwart the spam bots, y’know.)   Sometime soon,  I’ll have it up on the streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc), but I plan to concentrate on physical CD sales for a bit.  (My previous CD “Land of the Living” is indeed on all the major streaming services!)