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Update: June 21, 2023

He lives!

Well, honestly, there wasn’t much doubt about that on my own end.  A few minor health issues, but I’m still alive and kicking.  Well, playing guitar and singing, mostly.   I’m not much for kicking anything, actually.

Since the last post (a year ago last January – eeek!),  the new album, “Hope”, has been more or less completed, but I’ve been writing and recording songs since –  some content changes might be forthcoming.  Alas, the current location of Studio BFE shares walls with other tenants who are not always receptive to musical endeavors.   I’m crossing my fingers that this will change in 2024, but will have to make do in the meantime by being judicious with my recording and mixing schedule.

I’ve been making up for it with live performances, however.   Amy, Paul, and I have been performing as a trio version of In Harmony’s Way since last Fall, and have a few upcoming gigs in Oxford.  I’ll be taking part again at Thumbfest in Lexington MI on Sept. 2nd – both as a part of Dan Hazlett’s band, and in a reunion appearance with my longtime duo partner (and IHW alum) Sharon Tse.   Several showcase gigs along other terrific local and national songwriters will be happening this year.   And I’m still doing solo shows.

There are a few of them that won’t appear on my public schedule, but are worth mentioning:  Earlier this year, I began performing for local senior centers.  While not particularly high-profile or prestigious,  these shows have been deeply satisfying.   Much of the cover portion of my gigs consists of 60s/70s folk/rock tunes.   These songs are extremely familiar to the current age of many of the residents at these centers.   Seeing the reactions to these songs in the faces of the residents, particularly those in the memory care units, is often like flipping on a switch – and watching the lights come back on.   And no amount of public attention or prestige comes close to bringing these people back to their old selves, even for just a little while.  

Be safe and be kind to each other.  I’m looking forward to see y’all soon!  🙂

JJF     6/21/23