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Plymouth, MI. 48170

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“John Finan brings an astonishing array of musical sensibilities to his every performance. It’s rare that a singer-songwriter can present a thought-provoking tear-jerker alongside a fall-outta-your-chair hilarious piece and excel at both. John ably plays anything with strings whether he’s decorating your music as an accompanist, or tickling your ears as you watch him go.” – Jere Stormer, WDET Radio & local musician

“John’s wonderful sense of humor and warm heart are reflected in his songwriting. The stories that he shares through his songs will make you laugh or touch you deeply. His strong voice and skills as a musician convey the universal themes of his songs. John is one solid, local performer that has always been very supportive of other musicians.” – Kathy McGettigan, producer, “Krystal’s Motor Town Cafe” (Comcast)

“John Finan conducts music like copper conducts electricity. HIs appeal is universal, his talent boundless. Finan’s bright tenor voice is powerful and emotive. His guitar work flawless and energetic. As a songwriter, John is a genius with satire and humor, and a curious, senstive artist with other subjects. On stage, he is entertaining, inspiring, and utterly enjoyable”. – Maggie Ferguson, Musician, host of “Live From the Living Room” live series, and “Old Front Porch Radio Show”

“John’s original tunes are finely crafted, with lyrics that range from the imaginatively humorous to the touchingly tender. His prowess with the guitar never fails to please, and his tightly honed melodic riffs and musical arrangements take his songs to a pinnacle of listening pleasure. His voice is the perfect complement to his original songs, as well as to the unique spins he puts on cover tunes. John is equally adept at providing vocal harmonies and guitar accompaniment as a sideman and taking center stage as a solo act.” – Susie Keat, SQD Arts Management & Crazy Wisdom Weekend Music Coordinator