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Land of the Living

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(2004 BFE Records – BFECD140)

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  1. Intro: Off The Ground
  2. Land Of The Living
  3. Waking Alone
  4. Between The Paper And The Pen
  5. Nothing At All
  6. Hold The Door
  7. Now That You’re Gone
  8. A Song Of Hope
  9. I Wish You Well
  10. Reunion
  11. Mercy
  12. Wandering
  13. Off The Ground
  14. Paid Rehearsal
  15. Sleep Tight

Sweet Oblivion

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(2002 – BFE Records – BFECD130)

  1. Name In The Paper
  2. Glory Up Ahead
  3. Warning Signs
  4. Through The Night
  5. Invisible Man
  6. So Warm
  7. The O.R.P.S. Confusion Blues
  8. Statue At The Starting Gate
  9. Sweet Oblivion
  10. State Of Bliss
  11. T.O.Y.L.
  12. Absentee
  13. A Sky That Wasn’t There

Make It Good

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(2001 – BFE Records – BFECD120)

  1. Passage
  2. Guide Me Through The Darkness
  3. You Make Me Smile
  4. Hymn In The Open Space
  5. The Last Call
  6. Over
  7. Huron
  8. I Still Do It
  9. Thresholds
  10. She Flies Away
  11. Remember Me
  12. Except A Man
  13. Make It Good
  14. Refrigerator Science Projects
  15. Prayer To Innocence


Observations & Complaints

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(1998 – BFE Records – BFECD101)

  1. Warm Inside
  2. Push Me Away
  3. Party of One
  4. Thinking With The Wrong Head
  5. That’s The Way
  6. I’ll Live
  7. Dancing
  8. I’ll Sleep Tonight
  9. Outside Margaret’s House
  10. B.F.E.
  11. Counting Down The Days




Skyline by The Delta Twins.  Contributed lead guitar and backing vocals.

Sound Truth by Tracy Kash Thomas.  (Contributed bass, guitar and background vocals.)

In Search of The Rainbow by Leslie Frederick. (Contributed piano to “Tradin’ Even” and “In Search of the Rainbow”.)

Version 5.0 by Leslie Frederick. Guitar on three songs: “I’ll Find It In Anything”, “Good Morning”, and “Maybe”.

There’s Gotta Be A Road by Charlie Monterey. I sing and play on “Not Enough Hope to Go ‘Round”

Another Road by Charlie Monterey. I performed on and co-engineered “Earn My Wings”, “Traveling Clothes”, “I Believe In A Song”, “What In God’s Name”, and “Superior”.

Lingo by Jere Stormer. Sung a high harmony and made some goat noises (yes, really) on “Homeless by Now”.

Krystal’s Motor Town Cafe. A cable show based in Dearborn, MI., Krystal’s features performances by local musicians. I appeared on the show in December, 1998, and Big Green X appeared there in May of 2001. There are audio clips from both performances.


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